A Finance Director to call your own - supporting businesses to reach their full potential.  

Do you want to better understand your numbers beyond simply IRD compliance and the bottom line? Making smart and informed decisions around business performance and growth depends on reliable financial records, analysis and reporting. 

As businesses grow so does the need for a more robust finance function however, too often we see this area being undervalued and underinvested in. Let Stella Consulting be the ones to help make smart and reliable financial information readily available for your business.

Whether its Stakeholder reporting or Financial modelling you need assistance with your business will benefit from the specialist skills and experience of Stella Consulting. Our service is cost effective and each client receives a customised solution which best fits your individual needs.

Why a Finance Director?

Most large organisations have a Finance Director/Chief Financial Officer who is responsible for and gives high skill assistance in financial affairs of an organisation.

Emerging to mid-size organisations are in need of the skills of a Finance Director but too often cannot rationalise employing an in house Finance Director. Why should a business forgo such an important resource? With Stella Consulting the functions of a Finance Director can be outsourced so that you only pay a small percentage of what a full time Finance Director would cost but get the benefits of the skill level and experience required in all businesses.

A Finance Director works with management to implement the financial strategy of the business. Apart from knowing how much cash is in the bank or the bottom line many business owners don't have a complete picture of their finances. More often than not their time is better spent on other areas of the business. This is where Stella Consulting can offer their services. By being more aware and having more knowledge as the result of reliable financial reporting you can make better decisions and ensure you are meeting goals and targets directly related to the overall financial strategy of the business.

A Finance Director is a partner and advisor for any business owner/manager and is always there when you need that second opinion or confirmation on a business decision. Having another person to discuss these issues with can make a huge difference for many business owners who feel isolated and overwhelmed in their management role.

A Finance Director keeps up to date with all the compliance and tax issues that you don’t have time to keep up with. Ensuring you pay the least amount of tax and all filing and reporting is done on time.